Completed ELANORE Seminar: Improving the Tyre Labelling System in the Context of Noise and Rolling Resistance

On 16-17 January 2024, an unique event took place – the ELANORE Seminar on Improving Tyre Noise and Rolling Resistance Labelling. The venue was the picturesque Kłanino Palace near Gdańsk, Poland.

Purpose of the Seminar: The ELANORE seminar aimed to critically evaluate the current labelling procedures for passenger car tyres. It focused on identifying shortcomings in the labelling system, suggesting improvements and presenting potential enhancements.

Participants: the event was attended by representatives from the tyre industry, the road sector and research institutes dealing with road infrastructure and traffic. This is a unique platform for in-depth discussion, knowledge and experience exchange.

Seminar topics: The seminar covered a number of relevant topics, including an evaluation of current tyre labels, the relationship between different types of rolling resistance measurements, the effect of temperature on rolling resistance measurements, an analysis of tyre/road noise differences on different surfaces, the correlation between road and laboratory noise measurements, and proposals for improvements to tyre labelling. In addition, participants were involved in an analysis of the environmental benefits of correct labelling procedures.

Summary: The ELANORE seminar not only provided a deeper analysis of the topics discussed, but also created an inspiring space for the exchange of knowledge between different industrial and research sectors.

We would like to thank all participants, speakers and partners for attending this important event, which is part of our shared mission to improve the tyre industry and care for the environment. We look forward to further collaborations and innovative solutions.

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