Offer for architects, developers and housing associations

We design:

  • access roads and parking areas
  • streets and intersections: standard junctions and channelized intersections, roundabouts and junctions with the central island, turbo roundabouts, etc.
  • reconstructions, extensions and repairs of roads and streets
  • acoustic screens
  • final traffic organization plans for public roads on: highways, national roads, regional, county, municipal roads as well as for private areas
  • temporary traffic organization plans during road works for all types of typical cross sections and all the technical classes of roads
  • traffic management systems based on variable message signs
  • construction or reconstruction of intersections with traffic signals working as isolated signals (including accommodation) or coordinated (corridor-based or area-wide)
  • water supply networks, gas supply networks (also with high pressure), heating networks, drainage and sewage systems (gravitational and pressure), domestic sewage systems
  • elements of the sewerage systems (pumping stations and treatment facilities e.g. oil separators, settling tanks, biological reactors)

We perform comprehensive project documentation covering all stages of investment preparation:

  • building designs
  • building designs
  • preparation of tender documentation
  • designer’s supervision on construction sites
  • expert opinions and assessments of technical status
  • surveys of engineering structures
  • alternative concepts of road safety improvement both at intersections in urban areas
  • concepts of traffic flow improvement, improvement of traffic conditions on roads, streets and intersections by means of traffic engineering elements
  • concepts of traffic calming zones for cities, towns, villages and neighborhoods – for areas and for selected road corridors
  • post-occupancy evaluations of road safety projects
  • evaluations of the functioning of various road safety measures
  • measurements of vehicle traffic volumes and pedestrian traffic volumes (between intersections at intersections and at large urban areas), parking, transit traffic, speed
  • capacity analyses
  • road safety reports
  • analyses of traffic conditions
  • traffic forecasts
  • inventories of hazardous sections and periodical update
  • verification of final traffic organization plans
  • individual plants for storm water treatment and utilization
  • small wastewater treatment plants as well as modernization of existing WWTPs and other sewage management facilities
  • expert studies and analyses of nuisance of transport corridors with regard to all adverse impacts (noise, air pollution, vibrations, etc.)

We prepare materials and participate in administrative procedures:

  • environmental decisions for projects
  • decision on the approval of road investment implementation
  • determination of the location of a public investment
  • building permit
  • building permit
  • land division surveys
  • exclusion of land from agricultural and forestry production
  • permission for removal of trees and shrubs

We complement the documentation with designs of construction or reconstruction of land armament networks in full range:

  • drainage and sewage systems
  • water and gas supply networks
  • heating, lighting, power and communication grids

Project documentation meet all requirements of the funding institutions and financial programs for road investment such as: the World Bank, the European Investment Bank, the European Regional Development Fund (Regional Operational Programs), the EU Cohesion Fund and others. Our documentations cover all stages of the investment process.

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