Land armament networks

We design building and rebuilding of:

  • water supply networks
  • gas supply networks, also with high pressure
  • heating networks
  • drainage and sewage systems (gravitational and pressure)
  • elements of the sewerage systems (pumping stations and treatment facilities e.g. oil separators, settling tanks)

We perform documentation and conceptual designs for:

  • surveys and applications for permits for sewage discharge to surface water, ground and sewerage facilities; updating and obtaining water permits together with all necessary sewage analyses performed by accredited laboratories
  • building designs with all materials necessary for application for building permits (i.e. all necessary technical arrangements)
  • executive designs with tender documentation, detailed technical specifications and acceptance of building works and cost schedules
  • individual plants for storm water treatment and utilization
  • small wastewater treatment plants as well as modernization of existing WWTPs and other sewage management facilities
  • comprehensive wastewater management organization

We deliver expert studies on solutions for treatment, retention and utilization of rainwater.

We provide training and consulting services on the above topics.

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