Environmental protection

We perform the following documentation:

  • comprehensive assessments of environmental impacts as well as environmental impact forecasts
  • brie environmental surveys of projects
  • reports on the environmental impact assessment of projects (at the stage of preparing the environmental and the stage of the second environmental impact assessment)
  • entire documentation for applications for environmental decisions for projects and decisions on the approval of road investment implementation
  • assessments of projects impact on Nature 2000 areas
  • development of compensation measures in case of a significant impact of the project on the areas and species protected under the Nature 2000 network
  • ecophysiographic studies
  • noise maps and noise control plans for areas in the vicinity of roads, railway lines and for urban areas
  • wildlife inventories
  • environmental supervisions
  • post-occupancy evaluations for various investments: roads, railways, tramways and others
  • environmental reviews, opinions and expert reviews
  • designs and cost estimates in the field of environment protection

We perform the following environmental analyses:

  • analyses of air and water contamination as well as noise protection
  • measurements of noise, measurements and analyses of air pollution (by means of active and passive methods) as well as surface water, underground water and soil contamination
  • monitoring of the environment status along the roads and railway lines
  • environmental supervisions on construction sites
  • legal analyses of environmental law and administrative procedures
  • expert studies and analyses of nuisance of transport corridors with regard to all adverse impacts (noise, air pollution, vibrations, etc.)
  • justification reviews of environmental protection facilities and areas of restricted activity

We conduct consultations and training:

  • public consultation at various stages of the investment process – in accordance with the relevant regulations as well as on request of the clients
  • opinions and reviews of documentation in the field of environmental protection
  • consulting, training, courses and seminars concerning environmental protection issues and protective facilities

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