EKKOM Ltd. was founded in 2000 under the name EKKOM Ltd. Consulting and Design Office of Civil Engineering and its cornerstone was the experience in road engineering, traffic engineering, environmental protection in road industry as well as on willingness to implement non-standard ideas in creating a comprehensive design solutions. From the very beginning EKKOM has been cooperating with Polish and foreign universities, road industry organizations, institutions and offices connected with roads and environmental protection.


Fast-growing company, year by year has been increasing the employment and the range of services. In addition to the headquarters in Krakow, in 2005 EKKOM opened its branch offices in Warsaw and Katowice and three years later in Gdansk.


In 2007 the research laboratory for noise measurements and research was founded. The laboratory has been accredited by Polish Centre for Accreditation in the field of measurements of sound level equivalent emanating from roads, railway and tramway lines.


In 2008 EKKOM also joined the International Road Federation (IRF). This international non-governmental organization headquartered in Geneva, which groups the private sector, public bodies and organizations involved in road construction.


In July 2009, statistical report issued by the ERF (European Road Statistics 2009) and IRF published an information about the Noise Control Plan for the City of Krakow – developed by EKKOM for the City Hall of Krakow. It was the showcase of the Polish example of infrastructure solutions improving the acoustic climate and quality of life for city residents.

In 2009, EKKOM became the majority shareholder of the Polish branch of the German company BUNG in Katowice, which performs specialized designs including tunnels, industrial buildings, hospitals and sports facilities.

In October 2009, in Warsaw EKKOM in the presence of the representatives of the European Commission and the Minister of Infrastructure, signed the European Road Safety Charter. European Road Safety Charter is an initiative of the European Commission, under which companies, institutions and NGOs declare that in their daily business they will act in accordance with the principles of road safety and take up concrete additional commitment that contributes to the reduction of the number of road traffic injuries. EKKOM committed itself to release on the portal edroga.pl at least one publication about road safety in every quarter, until September 2012.

Pursuing the company’s mission, EKKOM joined the Charter’s signatories, supporting the EU goal – road safety improvement. Presence on the website of the http://www.erscharter.eu/pl/about – gives EKKOM an access to the contacts and the information exchange with the European Commission and other Charter’s signatories from across the European Union.


Until February 2010 the name of the company was: EKKOM Ltd. Consulting and Design Office of Civil Engineering.

Continuing the company’s development in the field of traffic management and intelligent transport systems, in 2010 EKKOM began a close cooperation with the German company GEVAS software – Systementwicklung und Verkehrsinformatik GmbH”. As a result in 2010 GEVAS software Polska was established as a joint company and the CROSSIG v5.0, the traffic engineer’s workstation and software for design of traffic signal control and was localized in Poland.


The Scientific and Industrial Consortium for Civil Engineering was founded by the Technical University of Krakow, The Region of Malopolska (Regional Roads Authority) and EKKOM in June 2011. The Consortium aims at promoting good practice, establishing standards and providing guidance in the area of design, construction and maintenance of roads and road structures.

In July 2011 EKKOM signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the School of Banking and Management in Krakow.

In November EKKOM, which held the majority of shares of BUNG Polska, becomes the only proprietor of the company and decides to change the company’s name to PDKOM.


In June 2012 a new branch office of EKKOM was opened in Lublin. It is specialized in environmental protection and carries out preservation plans for Natura 2000 areas as well as other works and studies in the field of environment.

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