About company

EKKOM provides comprehensive solutions through close cooperation of specialists from many fields, at each stage of the project. EKKOM is actively involved in dissemination of knowledge, experience and good practices. This is done by publishing the most important Polish portal devoted to road information: edroga.pl; through the website: dialog-spoleczny.pl; operation of the portal devoted to noise maps as well as through the organization of trainings and workshops. EKKOM has also developed and participated in the development of numerous manuals and guidelines, which are widely used by the roads industry.


In 2008 EKKOM became one of three winners of the prize “The Third Dimension of Innovation” awarded by “Forbes” magazine. The idea of the prize for the perfect use of new design techniques came from Autodesk – a leading provider of design software.

In 2010, during the VIII International Fair of Urban Technology and Road Infrastructure EKKOM received a special prize awarded by the publishing house Media-Pro in the Infrastructure Leaders’ contest – “for the dissemination and implementation of design solutions taking into account the ecological issues in sustainable development of transport”.

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