We were in Lyon

Our employee participated in the fifth edition of the Conference “Integrating transport with living Landscapes” on 30.08-2.09 in Lyon. The conference was organized by the IENE association (Infra Eco Network Europe).

IENE is an international network of experts working in the field of ecology and linear transport infrastructure. Every two years IENE organizes international conferences which aim is to create an interdisciplinary forum for experience exchange between transport sectors and environment, and present the most recent research results conducted by the scientists and practitioners from around the world.

In this year’s edition approx. 460 people from over 40 countries participated in the conference. Representative of EKKOM Sp. o.o. showed a poster about the results of monitoring the effectiveness of wildlife crossings.

The conference began with the field trips which purpose was to observe a wide range of solutions for minimizing and mitigating the effects of linear infrastructure impact on the environment used in France and Switzerland. During the following days, the participants took part in numerous lectures, workshops and poster sessions. One had an opportunity not only to present the results of the research, but also participate in specialized discussions that allowed others to identify the most pressing questions and problems concerning the effectiveness of the solutions and to identify future actions in the field of ecology and transport infrastructure.

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