The project of EKKOM & Drogmost consortium received funding for 155 million PLN

EKKOM Sp. o.o. in consortium with Drogmost Sp. o.o. prepared a civil engineering design of an extension of Monte Cassino Street in Lublin. The project received the maximum funding: 155 million PLN (total value of the project: 191 million PLN). Mayor of Lublin, Krzysztof Zuk has already signed a funding agreement at the Ministry of Economic Development.

It is one of the key road projects in Lublin so we are very pleased that it obtained the maximum financial support. It will allow us to focus traffic on the ring road of the city and expressway. The closure of the ring road on south will be the construction of the extension of Dywizjonu 303 St., for which the documentation is currently being developed – Krzysztof Zuk said.

The extension of Monte Cassino St. will be constructed between the intersection of Wojciechowska St. and Sławin junction. The investment will involve the construction of Monte Cassino St. with the reconstruction of Wojeciechowska St. and Nałęczowska St., the construction of the road network of the lower classes roads and the construction of a road junction at the intersection of Monte Cassino St. with Nałęczowska St. This will be almost identical investment to the extension of Solidarity Avenue in 2014. Dual carriageway artery will form duplexes intersection of Nałęczowska S. and will be followed by the overpasses over Sucha Dolina and watercourse from Konopnica. The project will involve the rebuilding of the intersection of Wojciechowska St. and Nałęczowska St. and 600 m of Nałęczowska St. There will be the overpass with a length of approx. 150 m in Monte Cassino St. Moreover there will be a reconstruction of other roads, projects of greenery, noise barriers, sidewalks and bicycle paths.

Roads and Bridges Administration already has, thanks to the Consortium, permission for the implementation of the road project, environmental decision and permit required by Water Law Act. An announcement of a tender during which a contractor will be chosen is taking place on September 2016. The project will last two years.

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