Contract for the extension project of Voivodship Road No. 964 in Niepołomice

On 4 November in Kraków, a consortium of EKKOM and Engineering Design companies Bronisław Waluga signed a contract with the Voivodship Roads Authority for the preparation of the documentation for the extension and reconstruction of Voivodship Road No. 964 in the area of Niepołomice municipality.

The consortium will prepare construction and executive designs together with obtaining necessary opinions, arrangements and decisions required to obtain administrative decisions enabling the execution of the undertaking.

The contract signed is related to the preparation of full technical documentation including, among others, reconstruction and extension of crossings, bridges, construction and reconstruction of individual and public exits, pavements, lighting, drainage system, as well as construction and reconstruction of culverts with adaptation to the function of animal crossings. The cost of the documentation, contractor has almost PLN 614 thousand and time for its preparation until the end of 2020.

The investment will cover a 7.5-kilometre-long fragment of DW 964 on the section going Wola Batorska, Zabierzów Bocheński, Wola Zabierzowska and Chobot.

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